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Primetime Vacations Specials Visits Honolulu

Primetime Vacations Specials Visits Honolulu

Summer is here, and one of the best places to beat the heat in the warm months is the tropical destination of Honolulu, Hawaii.

If you’re looking to visit there, then let Primetime Vacations Specials be your tour guide, as this article will show places you need to visit to get the most out of your trip to one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The capital city of Hawaii, it’s a major hub, and link of trade from Asia to the Americas. With many attractions and things to do, your time in Honolulu will be enjoyed by the whole family. So, pack your bag, and make sure to bring your sunscreen, as Primetime Vacations Specials visits Honolulu!

  • Bishop Museum

Primetime Vacations Specials first takes a look at the famous Bishop Museum. The largest in Honolulu, it also houses Hawaii’s largest collection of natural history artifacts and fossils. Another cool feature is that it’s the largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific culture artifacts in the world. With over 24 million years of combined natural history specimens, there’s so much to learn about in an afternoon. The creation of the museum is also incredibly interesting, having been created by Charles Reed Bishop in 1889 to preserve royal heirlooms given to him upon his wife’s death, with his wife being the last legal heir of the Kamehameha Dynasty. Tours can be taken of the museum, or you can take your time and explore at your own pace.

  • USS Arizona Memorial

Primetime Vacations Specials next recommends visiting the USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor. The famed US Naval base was the victim of an attack by Japan in December of 1941, which became the catalyst for the United States to enter World War II. Over 2,300 American servicemen died during the attack, and the USS Arizona Memorial was created as a tribute to the lives lost on that day. Visited by more than two million people annually, you’re able to take a shuttle boat to the hallowed waters where the remains of the USS Arizona lie.

As it is operated by the National Park Service, it’s free to visit, and you’ll also want to make time to visit the nearby USS Missouri, the ship where Japan surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz, signaling the end of the Second World War.

These are just two great attractions to visit on your trip to Honolulu.

You might also want to visit Waikiki Beach, the famed Diamond Head Mountain, and Hawaii Opera Theatre. There’s so much to do and see in this island paradise, so take some time and plan your trip accordingly. If you have any questions, the experts at Primetime Vacations Specials can help you figure out things to do, and answer any questions you may have.

If you’re visiting Hawaii, or any other location this summer, make sure you do it with Primetime Vacations Specials. Happy travels!

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