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Primetime Vacations Specials Invites Its Members to Popular Festival in Spain

Primetime Vacations Specials Invites Its Members to Popular Festival in Spain

Primetime Vacations Specials is inviting their members to travel to Spain to participate in one of the most popular festivals in the world.

Their members are encouraged to also explore other aspects of Spaniards culture and tradition.

Pamplona is the site of one of the oldest outdoor parties in the world and takes place from July 6-14 each year to celebrate the Fiesta de San Fermin, interchangeably referred to as the San Fermin Fiestas. This is the home of The Running With The Bulls. The annual event features people running alongside live bulls. Rather then just watching the matadors in the ring taunting one bull at a time, everyday people choose to join the stampede of bulls running down the street, to the peril of many.

The first San Fermin Fiesta began July 7, 1591 and was a fairly lackluster event.

It was a 2-day affair featuring music, a parade, and one bullfight. Over time this was transformed into the worldwide phenomena it is today, complete with a spectacular fireworks display.

Members of the Primetime Vacations Specials can observe or join the running early each morning, around 8 a.m.  It begins where six fighting bulls and six castrated bulls wait in bullrings. Then they are let out of them and allowed to run through the small town beginning at the corrals of Santo Domingo. The three-minute run contains the bulls by blocking off much of the town. The runners dress in all white with a red handkerchief around their necks, which everyone knows is meant to enrage the bulls. Since 1924, 15 people involved in running have lost their lives and over 200 have been injured, so members should do some self-reflection before participating in this activity.

Despite emergency staff waiting on site for the event, they cannot help anyone until the running is completed and the bulls put back in their ring.

Spectators along the route can watch from behind the fences, private balconies located on terraces, and at the Plaza de Toros arena at the end of the run.

Spain has many structures that are of historic and cultural significance. One of the most commonly visited is Alhambra Palace, located in Granada.  The earliest recorded mention of the palace is the year 889 where they were the home of the Moor group of people. In more recent times this structure was remodeled and noted as a Historic designation by a member of the United Nations (UNESCO).

There are other attractions that members of Primetime Vacations Specials can branch out to explore what Spain has to offer.

On the northern coast of Spain and at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea near the border of France lies Barcelona, which hosted the 1992 Olympic games.  The famous FC Barcelona football team plays and practices here.  Another must-see location is Seville, which is the capital of Andalucía and is another hotspot for bullfighting, fiestas, and one of the largest religious structures in the world called the Cathedral.

Salvador Dali Museum, located in Catalonia, is a popular cultural landmark named after the native son who became a famous surrealist painter.

Members and their families can observe his works here.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to pulling out all the stops, Primetime Vacations Specials has done just that with this planned European vacation in Spain. Between The Running with the Bulls festival and many cultural attractions this trip promises to be an unforgettable experience for members.

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