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Primetime Vacations Specials Gives Members Tips About Bahamian Beaches

Primetime Vacations Specials Gives Members Tips About Bahamian Beaches

Primetime Vacations Specials explains to its members the safety tips applicable to their upcoming trip to visit beaches in the Bahamas.

 Although some explanation is common sense, there are some tips specific to this island.

A trip to the Bahamas can conjure up visions of the ocean and sand beaches, surfing, and sunbathing. Yet along with enjoying the sand and sun, there are some safety tips to be aware of to make this Primetime Vacations Specials destination a positive experience.

Although we all are enamored with the feeling of sitting Oceanside and hearing the waves crashing toward the beach, it is essential to know how to swim well inside surf on a lifeguard protected beach, before going it on your own. Two very important warnings for members include not swimming after drinking nor while alone. It is too difficult to handle surf if you are not sober and if you get into trouble while alone out there then nobody can get help for you.

Rip currents are always a possibility at the beach, whether at breaks in sandbars, low spots, or near piers and jetties.

  With proper preparation, Primetime Vacations Specials members can be dealt with leading to a safe outcome.  The best way to avoid rip currents while swimming is to stay only within the designated areas and also to swim at beaches with lifeguards on duty. Stay at least 100 feet away from jetties and piers. If you should find yourself inside a rip current, do not try to swim out of it, but instead swim parallel to the shore until you are free of the current. If that is not possible, then tread or float until free of it. The last resort is to wave and yell for help to get attention of people on the beach or the lifeguard on duty.

Beach safety for children and those who cannot swim well begins with wearing a Coast Guard approved flotation vest before going into the ocean.

For more experienced swimmers it is best to dive in feet first rather than head first in case the water is not deep enough to dive safely. Those who are elderly or children should be watched carefully when walking on the beach close to the ocean.  Waves can make them lose footing, slip in the water, and drown. Other injuries that can result from the waves include dislocated shoulders, sprains, broken collarbones, blunt organ trauma and spinal cord injuries. Waves that break directly onto the shore are called shore breaks and are responsible for some of the most serious spinal cord and neck injuries. Members should never turn their backs to the waves in order to remain aware of where of their location.

Sea life can be captivating to watch, but it does present some challenges.

There are some animals and plants in the water that are dangerous like jellyfish and tiny crabs. The Bermudan people warn tourists to avoid large patches of grass and leave animals alone.  As beautiful as tropical islands are, they do have the propensity to produce many thunderstorms. It is wise for Primetime Vacations Specials members to wait at least 30 minutes following a storm before heading out to the beach.

Using SPF-15 or higher sunscreen is a must in the Bahamas while playing or relaxing at the beach to avoid getting melanoma or other skin cancers. Wearing wide brim hats, using tents or umbrellas will also provide much needed shade from the island sun.  Drinking lots of water is essential to prevent dehydration.

Primetime Vacations Specials is hopeful that members can utilize these beach tips to enjoy their upcoming trip to the Bahamas. Keeping mindful of these factors should ensure this trip is filled with pleasant memories of sand and surf.

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