Pokemon Nintendo Direct Coming 2019 (2)

Pokemon Nintendo Direct Coming 2019

Other RPG Elements

Pokemon has stats and sophisticated party-building techniques available in various RPGs, however, it may go further. Trainer classes like Fishermen and Youngsters are already there; hence they could be made to function as the standard RPG classes. Imagine selecting a Breeder class and receiving bonuses or being an Ace Trainer to be the jack of all trades.

Pokemon Nintendo Direct Coming 2019 (3)

Boosted online Component

Pokemon has been in the handheld domain, and besides the Switch being portable, it is also the ideal home console with online service. Therefore in case, the Pokemon features a better and larger world and some details of the RPG style; consequently, it is a good idea to have a living RPG world which allows you to have an online connection. It would possibly have safety limitations and parental controls because this is the Pokemon Nintendo.

Return the Ride Pokemon

HMs death was among Moon and Sun’s most significant gifts to the Pokemon. Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu continued to receive popularity from HMs, and the central Switch RPG requires to follow the same track. You will not keep the Linoone again or anything that you do not need to train the party.

Pokemon Has to Follow you

This feature of Pokemon is highly requested and users have gotten used to it because of the comeback of Eevee and the Let’s Go Pikachu. The central Switch RPG may bring life to Pokemon with the type of overworld detail that is added.

Bank Compatibility of Pokemon

A future Pokemon game must work with the Pokemon bank because there will be no other method of trading Pokemon from the previous games, additionally, taking your favorite Pokemon to the Switch may be similar to uploading Pokemon from the Red and Blue into the Pokemon Stadium.

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