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Pokemon Nintendo Direct Coming 2019

Pokemon Nintendo 2019


Nintendo is scheduled for a direct presentation focused on Pokemon on February 27. This straightforward presentation will offer 7 minutes of fresh information. Therefore we have a suspicion that has an association with the Switch game.

In E3 2017, the Nintendo introduced the new Pokemon game for this Switch. In pokemon Nintendo 2019, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon included some features which will possibly return in the following Pokemon game.

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Minimum Hand-Holding

The latest Pokemon games have been considered in the 2019 update. Pokemon is a game for everyone; however, this does not imply that games have to give explanations of training and catching pokemon for the initial two hours. Although Pokemon is an easy game, it is difficult to master it, and therefore building a great team is rewarding. The central Switch RPG should create that difficulty again.

A more extensive and better world for exploration

Gen 2( Crystal, Silver, and Gold) is the ideal generation of Pokemon because you have to combat all Kanto after taking down Johto. It felt like having a bonus game on pokemon after you have finished it. A similar principle can extend the Pokemon on the Switch, with higher power than 3DS and the world may be more extensive and more lively.

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