Pocket Squares are Back in Style for 2019 (2)

Pocket Squares are Back in Style for 2019

Totes Newsworthy says that Pocket Squares are Back in Style.

One funny thing about men’s style is depth; once you get this as a man, you will never commit a fashion crime. So today I want us to focus on the pocket square. The truth of the matter is I usually get asked this question a lot: “How do I wear a pocket square? Here’s on how to wear a pocket square and everything else that you need to know about wearing one.

What is a pocket square?

A pocket square put is a square piece of fabric that you can fold in different ways and accessorize your top jacket pocket. Remember that this is different from a handkerchief though most people use the terms interchangeably.

Why do you need to wear a pocket square?

In previous years, wearing a jacket is making a comeback in men’s fashion trends around the globe. When you put on a pock square, it can ultimately enhance the look of our suit or even a sports jacket. However, in the past decades, most people have seemingly forgotten about this elegant style. All hope is not lost as a quick trend search on Google shows that there is a slight pocket square resurgence. When you wear a pocket square, it sends a signal to the world that you are a man who cares about the details!

What size should my pocket square be?

The size of your pocket square will significantly determine how you fold it and also the styles that you achieve. An average pocket square is lightweight and should not be anything less than 40cm. What you don’t want is to keep retrieving your pocket square every time it slips inside your jacket pocket. This makes it lose the whole essence of you wearing it in the first place.

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