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Plant-Based Diet Killer Super Meals to Boost your Immune System!

Plant-Based Diet Killer Super Meals to Boost your Immune System!

Plant-Based Diet lovers?

Here is a meal that will fill you, and if you are worried about a protean, this is chock full of wholesome goodness. These days many people are going Vegan or at least trying to eat healthier meals without meat. The Green deal is to reduce emissions and also have lower cholesterol rates so we can live a healthier longer life if possible. More and more people are getting creative with plant-based diets, and the number of recipes is amazing. You get the texture of meat, yet it is so much. healthier.

We are looking for a meal that will give you all the nutrients and proteins and taste great at the same time. This one is so easy a child can cook it. As we now know, animal fats and fast food are just not right for us. The more we Segway into the world of plant-based diets, the healthier we become.

This is an easy one to start with. If you like a healthy tomato sauce/soup mixed with some butternut squash, peppers, and garlic and turmeric, this recipe you are going to love. However, butternut squash and tomatoes are healthy on there own, but to make the meal complete, you need to add one essential item, and that is protein.

Mung beans are one of the best sources of protein and also have zero cholesterol. Not only will you find this recipe delicious and nutritious, but it will be filling and give you extra that you can portion off during the week.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic and Butternut Squash


Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic and Butternut Squash
Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic and Butternut Squash


First, start with grape tomatoes if you can find the multicolored ones great; if not, the Red ones will do. Next, some baby red peppers or again multicolored if available if not red peppers will do, and you can even use yellow or orange if you prefer. Butternut squash some stores have them already cut in chunks such as Trader Joe’s, or if not available, you can buy a Butternut squash Cutting in half then take out all seeds and peel and cut them into 1″ x 1″ cubes. Clean your vegetables good then dry them. Use a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to coat them and mix them around with your fingers to make sure they’re all evenly coated. Use a small amount of kosher salt to taste and freshly ground pepper if your garlic lover use 4 to 5 cloves or more, the choice is yours.

Set the oven to 375°F, use a glass baking dish, and make sure not to overcrowd the vegetables for approximately 40 minutes a little less or a little longer depends on your oven. Just make sure they don’t burn. So now you have your tomato sauce cooking, or what soon will be a tomato sauce now comes the Mung beans. They look like little green peas, but they’re chock full of protein and offer zero cholesterol, which is a good thing. Adding a cup of mung beans in a few cups of water start boiling them and add more water as needed till they are cooked if you like them al dente great but don’t stir and stir them till they become mush. You can add some spices if your fan of curry, great if not no worries.


Mung beans Cooking, Plant Based super meal
Mung beans Cooking
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