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Scottsdale Pain Management Expert Reveals Common Spine Procedures

Dr. Vengurlekar discusses some of the common spinal procedures that are performed at the Premier Pain Institute.

Dr. Vengurlekar discusses some of the common spinal procedures that are performed at the Premier Pain Institute.

Scottsdale pain management specialists Dr. Vengurlekar and his team at the Premier Pain Institute have been able to help individuals with a variety of pain conditions and serious injuries. They have helped individuals find long lasting solutions and get back to living the lives that they love. This expert team knows that some of the most common pain conditions stem from injuries in the spine. In fact, problems with the spine can be a common cause of back and neck pain. These pain causing problems may include fractures in the vertebrae, damaged tissues, or slipped discs.

The Scottsdale pain management experts at the Premier Pain Institute, including Dr. Vengurlekar, have developed and cultivated a variety of innovative techniques to treat such spinal issues, and today they would like to reveal some of the most common spinal procedures that are performed at the Premier Pain Institute and how they can help stop spinal pain.

One common procedure that is done at the Premier Pain Institute is a discography procedure. This procedure is used to help the specialists identify the problem disc in the spine that may be causing neck or back pain. This procedure avoids open surgery and less effective MRI’s by using small injections to pressurize spinal discs and help identify just which disc is causing the intense back or neck pain for the patient. Once the specialists discover the problem disk, it can be easier to target it with treatment. Perhaps the team will use Intradisc Electrothermal Annuloplasty to treat the disc. This is another common procedure that is used in young patients with disc problems. Intradisc Electrothermal Annuloplasty can help firm up disc tissue with heat that is presented to the problem disc through the use of a small incision, a coiled wire, and an x-ray camera.

The Premier Pain Institute doesn’t just treat spinal discs.

They also commonly treat fractured vertebrae. The most common procedure used to treat these fractures is a kyphoplasty, which is an advanced vertebroplasty technique. During this procedure, the pain management specialist will insert a balloon into a spinal fracture. The balloon is then inflated to open the fracture so that it can be filled with medical cement to repair the facture and strengthen the vertebrae. This can cause instant relief for patients who have been feeling pain from a fracture, and it also strengthens this integral part of the body to help prevent further injury.

When individuals are suffering from neck of back pain, or any of the other common pain conditions associated with spinal injuries, they should seek the expertise of Dr. Vengurlekar.

The Scottsdale pain management specialist has access to the most innovative procedure in the industry and ensures his patients that they will be treated with care and concern, so that they can find a personalized solution that will allow them to return to the life that they love free of pain. Visit http://azpainmd.com now to find out more about the Premier Pain Institute or to schedule a consultation.

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