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Learn more about how to help cancer victims and support Brian Fielding's good cause

Non-Profits that Help Cancer Victims

Brian Fielding is making his charity website, http://www.brianfieldingcharities.com, an online hub for the latest news on cancer charities’ events, stories and calls to action.

There are large and small charities out there that are helping cancer victims in various ways, said Brian Fielding, who is a real estate investor and philanthropist. From cancer research to providing wigs or vacations, he feels all of these charities are deserving of national attention and assistance.

The idea came to Brian Fielding when he began supporting Send Me On Vacation, a non-profit organization that allows women with breast cancer to go on dream vacations with their families in order to lend them some emotional support. As he supported and spoke to friends about these charities, he said he realized few people had heard of the charity, even with a website of its own, www.sendmeonvacation.org. The creation of a central online home for low-profile charities such as this would help further their causes, he decided.

The Brian Fieldling Charities website’s blog will now include articles on other charities and their events. Brian Fielding is putting out a call to other charity organizations – large and small – to submit their own articles for posting. Articles are not automatically posted, but will be reviewed to ensure it meets the goals of the site.

Additionally, the Brian Fielding Charities website will soon feature a page entitled “Our Charity Partners.” This page will highlight the charities that actively submit content for the blog or that asked to be considered for promotion.

Brian Fielding is a commercial real estate industry veteran. His organization, Brian Fielding Charities, helps charitable organizations around the world through direct aid as well as advocating for them on various online platforms, including www.brianfieldingcharities.com. The latter website was established as a hub for various charities to share their events, stories and calls to action in one online location. While financially supporting each charity every day would be wonderful, Brian Fielding said, it is not feasible. What is possible, however, is informing the masses that these charities are out there and creating conversation about their efforts. This will in turn create recognition so that when people are able to give, they will know there are more than one or two charities out there that need their money.

To learn more, visit www.brianfieldingcharities.com.

Media Contact: Brian Fielding, Brian Fielding Charities, 510-927-4261, [email protected]

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