New Retail Environment Design

Nissan Unveils Brand New Retail Environment Design Initiative in Atlanta

Nissan surprised car enthusiasts with a Retail Environment Design Initiative that was unveiled September 29th at the Nalley Nissan of Atlanta. This dealership has been thoroughly updated technologically and environmentally.

Nissan is looking for a way to make their dealerships more ecologically and technologically conducive to the sales of their products. These dealerships are developed to cater to the customers and their buying experiences. This design update for this dealership is a new time in auto buying where dealers are more focused on the consumers than their bottom lines.

The Retail Environment Design Initiative is being implemented in the sales market in Atlanta as a trial project. Currently, the best-selling models of vehicles in the Atlanta market are the Sentra, Rogue, and the Altima. The Rogue is a brand new model truck that is being released for the 2017 year.

The new Retail Environment Design Initiative focuses on having an open space within the dealership. This new concept in Atlanta will feature both new and used cars on the lot, and there will be a customer lounge as well as a service area. All of these features will be in a modern design aesthetic with a comfortable edge. This updated dealership is a move to expand Nissan’s image in Atlanta and to hopefully secure more of the driver’s market.

This Retail Environment Design Initiative is the largest Nissan dealership in Atlanta, Georgia. This new concept dealership boasts a car display tower that is five stories high. This location is also central to a quarter of a million cars driving by on a daily basis. This Nissan dealership is in a prime location to sell millions of dollars’ worth of cars this year. The New Retail Environment Design of this Nalley Nissan in Atlanta is expected to break all sales’ goals for the following year. The new design will not be actively tested until the numbers come back from sales made in 2017.

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