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Nicki Minaj Drops New ‘Anaconda’ Music Video

Nicki Minaj Drops New ‘Anaconda’ Music Video: Inappropriate or Marketing Genius?

When watching Nicki Minaj’s new music video, “Anaconda,” I, at Totes Newsworthy, was struck by several different feelings:

Disbelief: I seriously don’t know how they’re going to air this on any of the music video channels. It literally borders softcore porn. Throughout the video, scantily-clad women twerk in a variety of outfits while Minaj herself is seen in a pool with a barely-there swimsuit, pouring whipped cream over herself, shoving bananas down her throat and at the end, to top all the bootylicious action off, she gives fellow rapper Drake a lap dance.

–  Inappropriate: On top of all of the reasons listed above, the lyrics talk about Minaj having a man to buy her expensive clothing, taking “half a pill of some dumb s***” and fornicating in a car. Towards the end of the song, she calls out to her “fat a** b*****” and describes her hate for skinny girls.

Pure Genius: While she is provocative, shocking, and highly inappropriate, there is no denying that Nicki Minaj is a bonafide marketing genius. The first time that I watched the video, I saw several different products. Placed discreetly, and with shots for only a second or two, something in the back of my mind triggered that maybe I should watch the video again. Upon my second viewing, I found that throughout the 4:40+ minute music video, 4 different brands were promoted by Minaj.

So intriguing were these product placements that I was actually compelled to look up the ones that I was unfamiliar with:

Beats By Dre: Of course, everyone by now is familiar with this brand of listening products. A pink boombox is seen in the first half of the music video.

VSX: In the gym portion of the music video, Minaj is seen wearing a VSX Sports Bra.

MateFit: In the gym scene, Minaj is seen drinking from a water bottle that has the words “MateFit” on it. The official herbal tea of the UFC, I’m sure their executives are thrilled. They apparently have no affiliation.

MYX Fusions: This was probably the most genius placement of all. Upon looking up the company that sells wines infused with tropical flavors, you can see that Minaj is co-owner and spokesperson. What better way to get your product seen than in a music video you know will be replayed again and again, thanks to the world’s fixation with your out-of-this-world posterior? No doubt, she’ll be raking in some extra cash from a ridiculous increase in sales for the alcoholic beverage. Seriously, this is subliminal messaging at its finest.

So here’s to you, Nicki Minaj, for expertly using your body and genius marketing to sell your products. We wouldn’t be surprised if others followed suit with more product placements in their music videos. Well done  – you are Totes Newsworthy.

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