Bruce Miller

NFL’s Bruce Miller Dropped After Slashing Elderly Man

Bruce Miller, also known as a fullback for San Francisco 49ers was arrested for an alleged assault in a hotel room. KTVU broke the news about a disturbance occurring between two men inside of a hotel room, and after the news spread the 49ers dropped this fullback.

According to San Francisco police, Miller was walking around his hotel in Fisherman’s Warf early Monday morning. Once he knocked on the door, the resident inside stated that Miller was at the wrong room, and that’s when this fullback attacked the man and his father. The elderly man was only trying to protect his son from this crazed NFL player, and in the process received several broken bones in his frail 70-year-old frame.

Miller then left the scene but was later caught and arrested by the local authorities. Miller was not even a guest at this hotel and had in fact been turned away the night prior. Which brings to everyone’s mind why he was even there in the first place?

Bruce Miller was previously arrested in 2015 for the misdemeanor of domestic violence, and he ended up pleading no contest to that. It’s obvious that this NFL player has a good bit of rage that is coursing through his veins. This player was celebrating his five-year anniversary with the San Francisco 49ers, but will be sitting at home this year.

Nobody knows what is going on in Miller’s private life, but these subsequent arrests point to there being some turmoil. He is currently a free agent in the NFL, but who knows if anyone if going to pick him up. If he can’t keep is temper in check he will only continue to get into more legal issues in the future, and this makes him a risk for any team to acquire him.

The San Francisco 49ers have had their name in the headlines over the last few weeks because of their quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s demonstration of freedom of speech. It seems like this team can’t seem to keep themselves out of the spotlight.

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