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New Study Reveals Health Risks of Vaping

New study reveals health risks of vaping. The act of inhaling a vapor which is due to heating of water, nicotine or a chemical has spread across the world like a wildfire.

It is the new cool thing to do even for teenagers because of the perception that it does not cause any health problems. A Chinese pharmacist by the name Hon Lik invented the E-cig to help smokers to quit cigarette smoking. His father had died from lung cancer. Thus he derived the inspiration from that moment.

Most smokers considered vaping as a safe smoking method since it lacks nicotine. Contrary the vapor smoke contains toxic chemicals and substances which are detrimental to a humans body health. The following are risks availed by new research due to vaping.

Top Health Risks of Vaping

Lowers Immunity

The vapor that people smoke contains compounds that has an immunosuppressive effect on the body. It means that the body immune system is weak to fight new infections. A person who frequently vapes and a regular cigarette smoker has a higher chance of getting sick.

Compounds in Vapour Water Cause Bronchiolitis Obliterans

The sweet flavors that vapers enjoy have dangerous substances that cause scars in the lungs. The diacetyl and 3-pentanedione destruct the lungs airways thus causing bronchiolitis obliterans or popcorn lung.

It does not depend if its either a cheap e-cig or and an expensive cartridge they all have these harmful chemicals.

The Battery Powered Cartridges Can Blowup

I know you have read about lithium-ion powered laptops or phones or cars blowing up to flames. Now imagine a vaper blowing up in your face. It could be a total disaster. When the charged cartridges battery heat when a vaper is smoking it can injure a vapers mouth, it can remove the teeth, rapture the tongue and burn someone’s face.

New Study Reveals Health Risks of Vaping

Health Risks of Vaping

The Nicotine Level is Not Closely Monitored

Most vape cartridges are labeled as nicotine free. In most retail refillable cartridges there are traces of nicotine. The high concentrated nicotine causes possible acute addiction to vape users. Also, most health-related groups have a loose regulation towards the e-cig market.

Direct Ingestion of Vape Liquid is Poisonous

Any direct contact of the vapor-liquid with the eyes or skin is fatal. The connection can be through ingestion, inhalation or absorption. Some emergencies involve children, and it is not surprising because some flavors look like candy and they can be appealing to children. When the liquid comes into contact with the skin, it can cause severe irritation, and it mostly affects those who mishandle refillable cartridges.

New Study Reveals Health Risks of Vaping

Health Risks of Vaping

Harmful Metal Particles Found in the Vape Smoke

The vape smoke was tested, and harmful metal particles such as tin, nickel, silver, chromium, silicate, iron and lead were found. In most instances, the concentration of the metal was higher than that of cigarettes. The metals cause severe damage to the lungs and are agents of various types of cancer.

Health Risks of Vaping – Vapers are at a Higher Risk of Suffering Depression

A study founds that e-cigs users are at high risk of having mental health problems. They may suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress.

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