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New Safety Protocols Make Hacienda Encantada the Place to Be in Los Cabos, Mexico

Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences has implemented new safety protocols in preparation for welcoming guests back with their re-opening on June 15.

“CasaLimpia” is the name of the health, hygiene, and safety program implemented by Mexico Grand Hotels, making Hacienda Encantada more attractive than ever as a holiday destination.

The tourism industry in Mexico is resuming and with strict additional health and well-being standards in place across all points of contact, it’s time to plan a dream vacation at Hacienda Encantada.

This luxury resort combines the ultimate location – perched on the cliffs overlooking the Cabo San Lucas Bay – with exquisite surroundings and activities for every traveler. Now, you can also rest assured that your safety is top of mind along with your relaxation and enjoyment.



Look out over the iconic Land’s End rock formations, which form the end of the Baja Peninsula. Relax poolside or visit the beach, just steps from the resort. Go to the spa, dine in your choice of several restaurants, or simply sit back in your luxury room or suite and revel in the vacation you’ve awaited.

You can also relax knowing that the resort has increased vigilance around health, hygiene, and safety, in keeping with the standards of the Mexican government and its Secretary of Tourism. These standards have been implemented and will ensure guests and staff members are comfortable and safe.

All points of contact will follow the strict standards of “CasaLimpia,” which means “clean house” in Spanish. That means extra attention at all common areas, restaurants, kitchens and bars, guest rooms, activities, fitness centers, spas, and all behind-the-scenes operations.

There will be daily use of certified sanitization products and electrostatic sprayers, which enhance the existing cleaning and disinfection protocols. High-touch areas like elevators, public restrooms, entrance doors, and more will be the focus of additional cleaning.

It also means processes like check-in have been modified to ensure safety, along with the addition of protective acrylic shields on front office counters or desks. There are new guidelines for staff to ensure their safety as well as the safety of all owners and guests at the resort.

For instance, guest luggage will be sanitized upon arrival at the resort; medical professionals are on-site to assist guests; and, staff members will pass through a sanitizing station and have temperature checks upon entering and exiting the resort.

These are just a few examples of the standards now in place with “CasaLimpia,” so that Hacienda Encantada can welcome guests in a safe and responsible manner. Join us for your next vacation and experience the wonder of Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences.

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