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Nev Shulman and Fiancée Show Off Baby Bump on VMA Red Carpet

Last night many stars graced the red carpet of the VMAs in shocking attire, none so much as Laura Perlongo baring her chest and full baby belly. Nev Shulman is a famous producer of the MTV reality show Catfish, and his fiancée is noticeably pregnant. Instead of wearing a traditional gown that would accent her figure, she decided to wear an open jacket that fully bared all of her baby bump.

There are a lot of issues in the fashion industry with maternity dress, and the designs are almost as bad the dressing choices offered to plus-sized figures. Laura Perlongo, Nev’s fiancée, decided to skip all this hassle by wearing a pair of pumps, black pants, and an olive open-faced jacket that was completely exposing her bare chest and stomach. This look is lauded as one of the most unusual red carpet choices of all time, puts her in the running with other extreme looks like Jennifer Lopez’s infamous green Versace dress of the 2000 Grammys.

While walking the red carpet, the couple was brimming with excitement and Nev took several photo opportunities to kiss the baby bump. This loving scene was a first for the VMAs when most are paying attention to the scandalous designs of other artists. Many remarked that the red carpet appeared to be more like a photo shoot for a Maternity ad versus the Video Music Awards.

Social media was alive last night with lots of talk about this outfit choice, and for just as many offended viewers exist women that support the empowerment of the female shape and motherhood.

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