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Mexico Experiencing Excellent Tourism Numbers in 2017

The three most popular tourist destinations in Mexico are The Riviera Maya (which include Cancun and Playa Del Carmen) and on the Pacific coasts Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. Of course, Mexico offers dozens of other tourist hotspots, but the above are “The Big 3”. With cultural events and festivals, amazing cuisine and dining options and reasonable prices, it is no wonder Mexico is becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and also retirement hotspots. 2017 has seen a major rise in both tourism and investment across Mexico. Major hotel groups such as Hard Rock Hotels, St Regis and Ritz Carlton have all announced new ventures in Mexico. Many major resort and real estate groups have also announced new mega projects featuring retirement communities. World famous golf designers and architects have shared details of new exciting projects names like Tiger Woods and Greg Norman among other major golf course designers.

Almost every week, there is a local news site in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun sharing details of a new WestJet flight route, or a Southwest route, as there is more and more demand to head south of the border. This influx of new routes from the north has caused a massive increase in gate competition at local airports. Over a dozen new flight routes have been added this year alone to major Mexican destinations, from International airports, and dozens more from inside Mexico. Meaning the feeder cities are sending down full flights of passengers ready to hit the beaches and soak up the sun.

Another major reason so many Canadians and Americans are heading south of the border is the exchange rate this year, which has hovered around 17 pesos to 1 US dollar. Where a few years ago the easy math was about 10 to 1, the dollar stretches a lot further right now, making purchases like for groceries, alcohol, and activities from Mexican companies a lo cheaper, meaning more fun and less cost for vacationers. While analysts say this weak Peso is expected to rebound, currently it sets the stage for a great vacation, or those looking to invest, have a great time to do business or build a retirement home in Mexico, as on major purchases, the cost point is a lot more attractive.

While some destinations like Mazatlan and Acapulco were hit hard by drug violence in the city streets and tourist sections, the popular tourist areas have seen little slow down in visitors as the violence is confined to certain communities. As in any major cities, there are areas one should not venture to perhaps after dark, or neighborhoods to steer clear of. Much of the violence, while it is occurring, is gang on gang, so no tourists or locals are being targeted and it is not affecting the tourists or locals who are living and going about their lives normally. While there are not really any comparative stats the US homicide rate and overall safety figures are not nearly as favorable as those in Mexico, in fact, many feel far more secure in Mexico than in the US. So many Ex-Pats are deciding to retire in Mexico due to safety concerns in the north actually it is becoming a trend.

As 2017 rolls into the final quarter the trend and popularity are increasing for these popular destinations. From small quaint inns and inexpensive vacations to luxurious vacations in 5-star resorts, these destinations offer a level for every traveler and make vacations in Mexico a must in 2017, or at the very least on the short list in 2018.

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