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Did Meryl Streep Cross the line at the Golden Globes attacking TRUMP

It seems that 2016 with the election year behind us that it will be the year we will never forget. Just when you thought everything was behind us, we were all ready to move forward here comes the  Golden Globes. Meryl Streep in her vast career has made some of finest movies ever. No question that she is one of the finest actresses at her craft ever to grace the movie screen. When you form your political opinion and voice it front millions of viewers watching the event can this damage your brand?

The fact is the yes big time; the country is divided into two parts one part does not like Donald Trump and the other part does not like Hillary Clinton. So unless you are not career oriented and you can care less about the success of your brand maybe not voicing your opinion is the right thing to do. When you look at populations like the United States with close to 400 million people living here, it could be safe to say that half will not appreciate what you have just stated. If your job is to act then, act if you’re looking to change careers and be a political commentator then by all means.

It seems that more and more often celebrities that seem to be so far out of touch with what the common man, the blue-collar worker has been experiencing over the years looks like they are the polar opposite. In 2016 many careers and friendships and families have been destroyed over the dislike of one or the others political opponent. The sad reality is that this can be used against you and affect you not only with your career but with the future profitability of being denied an opportunity because of your thoughts. Is it free speech? Well maybe but at what cost.  Wisemen say, “never discuss religion and politics.”

That still holds true. Did She cross the line while voicing her opinion? I guess it could be summed up very simply one would surmise having offended half of the viewers who are Trump supporters no longer like her and may never watch her movies again affecting advertising dollars. So ask yourself next time whoever you may be, is it worth attacking someone on live tv.

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