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Instagram’s new logo: Love it or hate it?

Instagram new logo

The leather-clad vintage camera icon Instagram that had been rocking since launch five years ago it is gone! In its place glowed an abstract but simple graphic of a camera laid over a color gradient taken from the 90’s. Change is scary, but Instagram’s icon stopped looking like it belonged …

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Gap apologizes for racist ad

Gap Store

Clothing retailer Gap apologized after people said that an ad for the company’s children’s clothing line was racially insensitive. In the ad, an older white girl rests her elbow on top of a young black girl’s head, while two other white girls hold strong and powerful poses.   Gap tweeted …

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Google and the very bad April Fools’ prank

april fool's day 2016

Google’s annual April Fools’ Day joke was a total disaster. Allegedly, it cost people jobs and interviews. Did you miss it? Google’s prank for this year was a “Mic Drop” button that would give the user “the last word on any e-mail” by automatically adding a gif of the popular …

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The powerful response of Wentworth Miller to body-shaming meme

Wentworth Miller, best known for his starring role in Fox’s Prison Break, is fighting back against a meme posted Monday that takes a shot at his weight. The before-and-after Facebook meme shows the actor in an older photo in which he poses as his Prison Break character, and in a recent, more candid photo. The meme’s caption reads, “When …

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Public Defender or Private Attorney?


If you are charged with a crime and facing time in jail, and if your income is low enough, you will be assigned a public defender. Some defendants, even though they are assigned a public defender, choose to hire a private attorney to represent them instead. Why hire a private …

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