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Mazatlan welcome sign with palm trees
Mazatlán: The Pearl of the Pacific

Mazatlán, México: Old World, New City

Mazatlan Mexico, affectionately referred to as the Pearl of the Pacific, is a very special place.  In recent years the number of visitors has been steadily increasing.  Mazatlan is not a new destination, but its magic and charm are what visitors are discovering and many are rediscovering.  In Mexico, the top 3 tourist destinations are Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos (annual visitors).  Cancun boasts dozens of adventure tours, crystal clear waters, world-renowned archeological sites and is the leader in tourism (visitors per year) in Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, are also giants in the tourism industry, both feature dozens of designer golf courses, high end shopping plazas and enough activities and resorts to suit every traveler.   There in lies the charm of Mazatlan!  While this city does have sheik dining options, beautiful beaches, designer golf courses, activities, shopping and on and on…it has a different energy and old world charm that is truly unique.   There really is no other place like Mazatlan!

Having been to all 3 of the top destinations in Mexico, they all offer fabulous activities and ambiance, but what I discovered in Mazatlan is something truly special.  To experience real Mexico, like the markets, the fisherman bringing in their daily catch, the cliff divers, not to mention a section called “the historic district” are all real experiences one can have in Mazatlan.  The beauty of this, is this old world charm comes with 5 star modern day luxury, visitors can still have all of the 5 star dining, and hotel amenities they are used to, but still have these unique experiences.

Mazatlan is also a very well priced destination as I discovered as well, and an option that has become, and I foresee becoming more popular for families wanting to visit Mexico.   While the recession in the US was occurring years back, Mexico was also experiencing challenging times.  For tourism destinations that rely on North American markets, generally when the US and Canada fall on hard economic times, their economies suffer as well, as they are primarily driven by tourism bucks.  During this slack time, the city of Mazatlan under went a major transformation, instead of just lying down and giving up, they went to work.  The airport was remodeled, plazas were renovated, resorts received face-lifts and makeovers, and now today, flights arrive daily, the city is poised for a surge in tourism as a mega vacation hotspot!

Not only is this destination a more economical choice but also it rivals any of the Mexican destinations, with stunning beaches and activities.  At the heart of Mazatlan is a group that has been operating there for decades; El Cid Resorts.   El Cid is a prime example of this modernization that has hit Mazatlan.  Being an “older resort” (they actually have many resorts in town) they do not feel like an old resort.  When we booked our visit we were not sure what to expect, but the restaurants, the rooms, were all fresh and new and it felt fresh and new.   And what caught our eye is it was not just the resort that had undergone these “upgrades”, they were noticeable all over town!  When I travel, I like to see something new and experience history, but I never want to stay in low quality places, and at the same time I am not a Ritz Carlton traveler; well I found that in Mazatlan!   I experienced all of the history and real historic Mexico I wanted, it was not a break the bank trip, and it was easy to get to…Kind of ideal really.   From the incredible Malecon, to the island tours, it was fun to experience the history and enjoy the new updated amenities at the same time.  I am looking forward to many more visits to the Pearl of the Pacific; Mazatlan.

21st Floor El Cid El Moro Tower.

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