The best location in Cabo, Marina Fiesta, is honored to be promoted as one of the top vacation properties in all of Mexico, and all those who are members of their travel service find that visiting this resort season after season leaves them speechless about the experience they have. Feeling welcomed by the helpful staff after immediately arriving on the property, travelers often walk through the door of their accommodations feeling stunned by the luxury they experience.

But truly it is the members of the hardworking Marina Fiesta concierge staff who deserve recognition. Within the tourism industry, there is one award that means a lot to all that receive it. In 1929, the “Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels Les Clefs d’Or” was founded in France, and the global network works towards training professionals at being a great concierge. Each person who is part of this wears a pin on their lapel in the shape of a golden key. The golden keys are a symbol of good service, and all those who wear the “Clefs d’Or” become members of the World Association of Concierges and strive to accomplish each guest request as long as they are morally, legally and of course, humanly possible.

All those who work behind the scenes to organize a dinner reservation at the last minute, or schedule a local activity for a family hoping to attend it while in town spend a lot of time doing so. Not only do they have to spend a lot of time and dedication assisting clients, but Marina Fiesta knows they must be intuitive, patient, kind, wise as well as resourceful and informed about the area they live or work in. And these are some of the exact reasons why Marina Fiesta concierge Ricardo Reynolds is being honored.

Not only are many amazing memories made while spending time at Marina Fiesta, all those who visit will get the chance to see the hard working staff taking care of all their wants and needs. It’s no surprise that staff members are being honored for their dedication, and the other employees continue to strive to attain the top level of customer satisfactions and the recognition that the golden key award signifies.

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Best Location in Cabo San Lucas Marina Fiesta Resort Contact Details:

Blvd. La Marina, Lotes 37 y 38
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., 23410
From US Toll Free 1-877-243-4880
Within Mexico +52 (624)145.60.20
FAX +52(624) 145.60.21