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loyalty repayment plan in latin america

Loyalty Repayment Plan in Latin America

The Lloydshare Repayment Plan is the go-to repayment plan for millennials investing in vacation property.

While Lloydshare Limited initially presented its product as a Deferred Annuity, it was decided that the name could be confusing for consumers. Lloydshare´s Business Development Team, headed by Lindsey Western and Vicki Reindl, decided to take a new approach by renaming the program the Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Plan.

“We are confident that this will simplify the description of our product,” said Reindl. “What matters to us is that the client can identify the product immediately, that the message is clear, and that they are easily able to relate to what we provide.”

For almost 15 years now, Lloydshare Limited has been branded as the world´s premier provider of vacation club-linked deferred annuities. Lloydshare has established a stellar reputation with 52 host resorts in six different countries, and the list continues to grow.

The Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Plan is a financial vehicle linked to vacation club membership, which intends to repay the consumer their investment at the end of a fixed term – usually 25 years. Though the name has changed from the less descriptive “Deferred Annuity,” the business model remains the same.

According to Western, loyalty is the sentiment and feeling that a person holds for one’s country, culture, family or friends, and in the case of the consumer, it refers to his or her loyalty to the vacation club or timeshare. If the consumer remains loyal to his or her financial obligations with the club or timeshare, that person will be rewarded in the future.

The Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Plan does not provide the consumer with goods or service. Instead, the consumer gets a monetary payout. Lloydshare Limited rewards people for remaining faithful to their financial obligations to the timeshare or vacation club. For example, in marketing and retail, when consumers present their loyalty card, they are usually entitled to either a discount on the current purchase or points that can be used for future purchases. Therefore, the loyalty program can be viewed as a form of centralized virtual currency, one with unidirectional cash flow since reward points can only be exchanged into goods or services.

While that is the upside for vacation clubs, timeshare and retailers, the positive for the consumer is that at the end of their fixed term they get repaid on their investment. This allows them to enjoy their trips to their timeshare or with their vacation club with the knowledge that the money spent on the trip is not just going away forever.

To learn more about Lloydshare Limited and the Lloydshare Loyalty Repayment Porgram, visit http://www.lloydshare.com.

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