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Why Lionel Messi was on the verge of going to jail

Lio was sentenced to 21 months in prison, but the sentence is not effectively enforced.

The judgment convicting Lionel Messi tax evasion is a chilling account of how close was the best soccer player in the world to finish his career and fall into prison.

While considered him guilty of defrauding the Treasury, agreed that a “very extraordinary attenuation” which reduced to seven months worth of each of the three crimes imputed to him, when the minimum set out in the Code should be applied penalty is two years per case.

Thus the sum of the penalties for Barca player is 21 months (rather than six years), having no criminal record will allow him to avoid enforcement. The same goes for his father, who was condemned as “necessary cooperator”. In Spain only after two years it is required the admission of the accused in jail.

The risk that Messi is now facing is a new issue with the Spanish Treasury within the period of execution of the sentence would expose them to a dramatic situation.

Not even have to be the end of that incurring again in an evasive maneuver. The judgment itself states that could extend up the personal responsibility up to nine months, with what would come into compliance cash- area if fail in payment of the fine was added, of 2,093,001.55 euros for Messi and 1,596 footballer 939.93 for his father.

The judges evaluated to apply to Messi and his father below the minimum sanction that would have shown the desire to “repair the damage” by paying 4.1 million euros according to the tax authorities hid the treasury between 2007 and 2009 and subsequent regulation of tax returns.

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