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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights Summer Fun at the Xtreme Zone

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights Summer Fun at the Xtreme Zone

Sports and an array of outdoor activities are available at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club ’s Xtreme Zone.

The team at Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club believes that individuals should experience dream vacations every time they travel. However, when individuals have to spend their precious vacation time running around to find entertainment to keep them busy, they lose out on incredible experiences, and waste a lot of the hard earned travel time. The good news is that if travelers choose to spend this treasured vacation time at a luxurious resort, they will be able to find all of the perfect components of a memorable getaway without having to go far.

When travelers come to the Dominican Republic for a stay with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club they will be welcomed with an inclusive resort experience unlike any other.

One of the best entertainment options available at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Resort is its legendary Xtreme Zone. The Xtreme Zone is an on-site activity center for LHVC members to enjoy when they come to stay at the resort in the Dominica Republic.

The center allows guests to let loose and challenge their adventurous side without ever leaving the luxurious resort. The Xtreme Zone is also an ideal attraction for families who have come to spend summer getaways at the resort as the activities here are open to children ages 12 and up. With the zone’s various attractions, families have a great option for finding many activities to enjoy together.

The adventures that are available at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s Xtreme Zone are various and range from competitive games to thrilling extreme rides. Guests can enjoy heart pounding activities like rock climbing, zip lining, trampoline jumping, and archery. Sports available at the zone include hockey, tennis, bowling, basketball, and football.

There is also paintballing available at an additional fee and those who want a more laid back experience can enjoy miniature golfing.

The zone is open each day in the morning from 9 am to noon, in the afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm and in the evening from 7 pm to 10 pm. There are 2 hours of free game play available to guests each day with options for additional gameplay at a small fee. Guests at the Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club resort are able to reserve their time slots at the Xtreme Zone by visiting the activity center’s front desk at the resort.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club continues to make efforts to ensure that its guests can have the most incredible vacation experiences ever without ever having to go far from their home away from home. The Xtreme Zone is just one of the many great entertainment options that guests have available to them at the resort, and just one option for excitement during an upcoming stay. To book a stay with LHVC this summer season, and to make the most of the luxury accommodations and amenities at the resort, please visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com.


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