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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Health and Wellness Services in 2017

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Health and Wellness Services in 2017

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers a range of spa and health treatments at the Ying Yang Spas for resort guests.

Since the start of the New Year, travelers across the globe have begun seeking opportunities to achieve their resolutions of traveling more and having new experiences. When these individuals choose the right chances for travel, they can easily have the getaway experiences that they are dreaming of in 2017. In fact, through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, members are welcomed to the stunning Dominican Republic where there are endless events and attractions to attend and visit and ample prospects for luxurious vacation experiences. Some of the most memorable attractions for LHVC guests are accessible without ever having to leave the resort.

Some of the best examples of the unique experiences that are exclusively available at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Resorts are the Yin Yang Spas. These luxury resort spas and their reviving treatments are available to members in both Punta Cana and Puerto Plata LHVC Resorts. With the options available at these spas, guests can put a relaxing and rejuvenating touch to their trip, and enjoy one the most tranquil attractions in the Dominican Republic without traveling from their lovely resort. The Yin Yang Spa and the Yin Yang Health and Wellness Spa each offer a range of expertly crafted experiences to encourage healing, offer relaxation, and to help guests achieve the escape and rejuvenation that they crave during vacations.

Guests at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Resorts can make appointments ahead of time or take advantage of available walk in appointments in order to try the range of services that the serene Ying Yang Spas offer. At the spas there are of course facials, body wraps, and massage treatments. However, unlike at other spas, these treatments are not the extent of the available services. The Ying Yang Spas also take advantage of innovative technologies to offer many treatments for physical and mental health including oxygen hyperbaric therapies and anti-aging treatments. Through the Ying Yang Spas, there are also opportunities for guests to meet with experts that will help them with their fitness and health. For example, guests can work with personal trainers or take part in mindfulness therapy sessions. These amenities are all aimed at helping guests reach their peak level of well-being during their unforgettable Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Stays.

This year, individuals can achieve many of their goals through a vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. Whether they aim to travel more, to join in on new experiences, to experience serene relaxation, or to achieve new levels of health and fitness, they can find options to help with all of these goals during their getaways. To learn more about planning the perfect vacation this year with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, or to learn more about the Yin Yang Spas visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com.


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