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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club – OK Kosher Certified Program “One Of A Kind in DR”

The kosher vacation program at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club features a full kosher kitchen which is OK KOSHER certified, a kosher restaurant with a buffet and a la carte menu, an orthodox synagogue and rabbinical services.  Vendors are second to none, securing unusual and hard-to-find ingredients. The resort is able to offer a complete approved and standardized Kosher menu.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation-Club

The resort has even been honored with the distinction of receiving the prestigious OK Kosher Certification, one of the most respected global symbols of kosher approval in an era of soaring demand for kosher food. 


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation ClubKosher kitchen and kosher restaurant operations are under the strict rabbinical orthodox supervision of OK Kosher’s team of rabbis, following the Kashruth Jewish Dietary Laws for Glatt kosher, Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.  A variety of Sephardic, Ashkenazi and international menu items are offered.  The OK Kosher certification holds the resort to the highest standards in offering this very specialized vacation experience, with three strict food guides for dairy, meat and wine/alcohol.  So, it’s all about doing it right.

As members and guests from the United States and other countries travel to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club for a specialized kosher vacation experience, a kosher market is being established locally on the island due to the groundbreaking work of the great in house food and beverage and kosher team.  


Contact your Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club representative today to make your Kosher reservation!

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

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