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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Makes a Splash with Private Beaches and Poolside Fun

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Makes a Splash with Private Beaches and Poolside Fun

During upcoming vacation stays in the Dominican Republic, guests at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club have the option of enjoying a variety of water and pool activities at the resort.

Right now travelers all over the globe are getting ready to set out on their spring break vacations, and others are even starting to plan their summer getaways for later this year. Most of these travelers will be looking forward to spending these vacations in destinations where they can relax and enjoy the sun. For this reason many travelers will be heading to beachside getaways where they can enjoy activities on the water or spend time relaxing in the sand.

The Dominican Republic is a perfect choice for a sunny paradise getaway this year, especially for those who choose to visit with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

When visiting the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, guests are welcomed not only with the destination’s stunning beauty but also with an array of luxurious offerings from the resort which are ideal for either relaxation or excitement. In addition to on site options for working out, playing sports, dining, dancing, and rejuvenating, there are many activities at the LHVC that give guests that desired summer vibe. For example, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort has twelve on site pools. Included in this list of pools are two pools just for kids, where even the little ones can cool off, splash around, and have fun in the water. Adults too will enjoy swimming laps, cooling down, or enjoying poolside drinks when they decide to relax at any of the resort’s pools.

In addition to the pools, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers its members access to the Cofresi Beach and the V.I.P beach.

At these beaches guests can lounge, tan, and relax in the sand or go for a cool dip in the waves. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a variety of fantastic water activities. For example, the resort offers its own on-site diving school which will take travelers with any level of scuba diving experience under the waves to explore the coral reefs of the Dominican Republic. There are also volleyball courts on the beach, opportunities to rent snorkeling equipment, boogie boarding, kayaking, and plenty of other ways to make the most of time on Lifestyle Holiday’s Vacation Club’s lovely beaches.

With so many activities in and around the resort, including water activities on Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s private beaches, the resort in the Dominican Republic will be the place to be this spring or summer season. Members and guests are encouraged to come to the resort now to enjoy the endless options for a perfect vacation in paradise which is available only through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. Plan a stay now by visiting https://www.lhvcresorts.com/.



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