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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights December Jazz Events

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights December Jazz Events in the Dominican Republic

This holiday season, fill a Dominican Republic visit with music while staying with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club believes that taking incredible vacations gives travelers many opportunities to participate in new experiences, to learn about new histories and cultures, and to enjoy their interests in unique new ways. When travelers come to the Dominican Republic, they are welcome to take part in many spectacular experiences. The destination is full of adventure, and it also enjoys a vivid arts community that entices lovers of drama, design, and music. For those music lovers who are staying with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club this winter, December is the perfect time to visit, since several unique Jazz experiences being offered throughout the Dominican Republic. Two of the most recommended events are detailed here.

One of the upcoming Jazz events that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends to its music loving guests is an upcoming performance from singer Cyrille Aimee. The performer is well known in her genre for hits like “Nuit Blance” and she is currently on her It’s a Good Day Tour. This December, she will be bringing her tour to Santo Domingo, with a musical performance on December 1st at Hotel Jaragua. This will be the starlet’s one stop in the Dominican Republic, and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club does not want its member to miss this spectacular showcase of Jazz. To learn more about the tour, or to buy tickets, visit Aimee’s website: http://cyrillemusic.com/.

The Cyrille Aimee concert is not the only winter event for Jazz fans to appreciate on their next visit to the Dominican Republic. The other jazz attraction that comes highly recommended by Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are the regular jazz nights at O. Livia. On the first Monday of the month at the Santo Domingo Acropolis Center, Jazz lovers will be able to appreciate a selection of live jazz music performed in the O. Livia Restaurant. These musical evenings have been running throughout the year, elating jazz and music fans, but the jazz nights will only run until December, so this is the last chance for Dominican Republic visitors to take advantage of these enchanting performances. Do not miss out on this special series during an upcoming Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club stay.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is ready to welcome holiday visitors. Come to the Dominican Republic to appreciate it beauty, and its lively atmosphere throughout the holiday season. Members of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are able to enjoy this season in the Dominican Republic in luxury and comfort, with access not only to local attractions, but also a series of luxurious offerings at the resort including ocean front views, live shows, regular parties, luxurious spas, and world class golf courses. To learn more about all of the possibilities in the Dominican Republic this year please visit https://www.lhvcresorts.com/.

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