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Lego Astounds World with Beatles Yellow Submarine Figurines

  • Lego excited Beatles fans today by unveiling the design for the Beatles Yellow Submarine set that will be available for purchase November 1st. This exciting kit will feature John, Paul, Ringo, and George in all their small Lego glory with a huge submarine.

Lego Yellow Submarine set will be 60 dollars and has over 550 bricks included in the package. There are also the four mini figurines to represent the men of the Beatles and a small figure of Jeremy. This toy is a set that created from the movie the Yellow Submarine, which is still referenced as one of the biggest Beatles pieces of pop culture. In this film, Jeremy lives in a Sea of Nothing, and the Yellow Submarine is traveling around with the beloved mop-head Beatles.

The Lego Yellow Submarine

set was developed by a Beatles superfan named Kevin Szeto. During a “Lego Idea” proposal Kevin submitted this, and it received 10,000 votes on the Lego Community. A promotional video was created showing the Legos in their natural habitat on the lake, and the yellow submarine cruising around the world to rock music. This Yellow Submarine set is not the only creation thought of to emulate rock gods. In fact, a fan recommended developing an Elvis Presley kit, but they have not received enough votes yet, but there are 300 days to complete this goal.

The Lego Yellow Submarine set is exciting because it brings Beatles culture to a brand new generation. Those that had Yellow Submarine impact their lives can now pass down these experiences to children and grandchildren. This collection is an exciting time for Lego to do commemorative kits, and fans are curious what the next ones will be. There has been a lot of recent loss in the music industry, and it would be nice to see some of these artists remembered.

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