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Lavender Oil for Dogs? Does it Help?

Lavender oil for dogs can help out for its calming properties, not only excellent for people but dogs as well. Many times dog groomers will rub some lavender oil on their hands before grooming a dog that is both nervous and afraid about being strangers and being groomed.

The scent of lavender reduces their anxiety and stress. This little tip can be used to calm a loud storm or during times like the fourth of July when there are many fireworks. Most of our furry friends hate those loud bangs and make them shiver and hide in fear.

Lavender oil For Dogs has other benefits For your Furry friend

Lavender oil as an Insect Repellent

Lavender oil is a natural flea and tick repellent. This fabulous, so now you can avoid pills that can have side effects just as we humans get.

You can add a few drops to your dog’s bedding, spray it on his collar, add it to their shampoo, and even use a diffuser in the bedroom for both you and the furry one.

Lavender Oil for Dogs? Does it Help?

Lavender Oil Uses for Dogs

Lavender essential oil isn’t only for human use; our furry friends can also benefit from Lavender essential oil’s many uses. There are just as much lavender essential oil uses for dogs as there are for people, and they’re just as safe and natural. Those of us who have dogs know they’re part of our family. Therefore we want to treat them as such medically. We don’t like treating our family with medicine containing ingredients we can’t even pronounce, so why wouldn’t we feel the same about our pets? There are some ailments that affect our dogs every day that can be treated naturally at home without spending a fortune on prescription medications containing ingredients that may cause harmful side effects. These lavender essential oil uses for dogs have been used by many pet owners who chose to provide their pets with a healthier, more natural way of life.

A bottle of essential oil with fresh blooming lavender

Here are just a few Lavender Oil for Dogs Uses:

  • Cleans/treats ear infections
  • Soothes itchy/irritated skin (from insect bites or rashes)
  • Prevents fleas (in your home and on your pet)
  • Promotes relaxation (especially in puppies)

Diffuse in the car or apply to the paws to calm your dog on long car rides or to ease their stress from an impending trip to the vet.

Sparoom essential oils diffuser with remote control,

Lavender Oil for Dogs – how to use lavender oil for dogs

There are much lavender essential oil uses for dogs; those listed are just the most common. While it is safe to use essential oils on your dog, it is crucial to use only certified quality oils. Some essential oils on the market are sold for their aromatic properties and not for their medicinal properties.

Please be leery of this when using oils on your dog as the dilution ratio may need to higher than that of human use, and the results may not be as desired. There is a wide variety of lavender essential oil uses for dogs. We hope you find some that work for you and your canine companions.

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