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Kylie Jenner Makes Music Video to Announce New Lip Glosses

Yesterday in the afternoon, Kylie Jenner released a music video, apparently created to plug her wildly popular lip kit.

Without an accompanying press release, the 18-year-old announced the project’s existence with a four-word, all-caps, zero-exposition announcement: “GLOSSES VIDEO OUT NOW”, to her Twitter followers. “Who needs a press release in 2016?”, Jenner said.

Vanity Fair has some theories about the deep meaning behind it all:

  • Bored with Snapchat and Instagram, Jenner wanted to explore the creative possibilities of an ancient entertainment medium.
  • Jenner made an audition tape for Spring Breakers 2.
  • Jenner always wanted to star in a music video that looks like it was directed by Michael Bay and, buoyed by the success of her own independent business venture, decided to make it happen.
  • Jenner was fulfilling a challenge to adapt her Cards of Humanity drawing—“Crossroads on millennial steroids”—into a music video.

What’s your theory?

Take a look of the video here:

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