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Kids Get Their Intelligence From Their Moms

You ever hear the old expression you get that from your dad’s side of the family. Do people say that from your mother’s side of the family?

Well some studies have come out that suggest it comes from your Mothers side

In recent studies, it has been found that children receive their intelligence from the X chromosome, which comes from women. Since women have two X chromosomes, it is far more likely that their children get their smarts from the woman.

Glasgow is pioneering research into the cognitive function of genes, to see precisely how the gene makeup of children is accredited to their parents. Currently, it looks like the genes inherited from their fathers do not affect their kids. In a recent experiment, it was found that mice with additional paternal genes had large bodies and small heads. However, those that had more maternal genes have larger heads and small bodies.

Kids Get Their Brains from Their Mothers

This data makes sense when you consider that women have more chromosomes in their body that carry intelligence. Keep in mind the old debate about which sex is smarter, and it would seem that women are scientifically more intelligent due to their extra chromosomes. There have been many studies and surveys on this matter. Every year there are close to thirteen thousand people interviewed on their IQ levels. These test subjects range in age from 14 to 22. This survey is a test that has been conducted from 1994 until now, and it has shown that there is a direct relationship between people’s IQ and that of their mothers.


Another aspect of this research is whether emotional support increases a child’s IQ. Science has found that these children do have more significant growth in the part of their brain that focused on learning, memory, and even stress response. All of these factors are critical in the growth and development of a child. It just shows that nurturing is crucial in the development of a child.

This new research supports that children get their intelligence from their mothers, and these moms are happy. This experimentation is an exciting time for science to show just how important genes that come from moms. Then next time you pay attention to your child’s grades, you can thank their moms for the intelligence factor.

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