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Kiddle Search Engine for Children
Do you agree with Kiddle about censoring these search terms?

Kiddle, the controversial search engine for children

Kiddle was created as a children’s version of Google, but many agree that it censors too much.

Do you agree with Kiddle about censoring these search terms?


It was designed for the children to navigate safer in the turbulence of the web. But Kiddle, a search engine inspired in Google (although is not linked with this popular search engine), is generating controversy because of the various filters that are self-imposed.

For example, the site does not allow the search of characters like Pamela Anderson or Jennifer Lopez.

But the controversy started after homosexual communities led by Stonewall (a group of British activists) warned that the engine does not find terms like “gay”, “lesbian” or “transgender”.

The site replied with a message on its website, if anyone typed any of those words: “Please realize that Kiddle has nothing against the LGBT community, it is difficult to ensure the safety of all search results for such consultations.”

Stonewall activists disagree. “Young people usually use the Internet to find information about LGBT issues,” said a spokesman to the BBC.

“The attempt to prevent young people from finding safe and age appropriate content of this nature, will make that many young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender be forced to look elsewhere. This can take them to inappropriate sites that may put them at risk,” added the spokesman.

Kiddle said that in 2014, the web showed results on these terms, but it received much criticism and complaints from teachers and parents, so they decided to block these words, which often lead to inappropriate sites for minors.
For the same reason, the portal said they decided to also block the search results for “sex education”.

Kiddle order the results as follows: the first three include safe sites selected by the editors of the web; the next four are portals written exclusively for children; and finally, the ones written for adults for filtered by Google Safe Search system.

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