Jared Fogle
Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle Prison Beating Are His Day’s Numbered ?

Seems like Jared’s days maybe numbered in the world of the cell block. Child molesters are the most hated in the penal system with nicknames like Chomo which means child molester, seems Jared has a target on his back.

Maybe Jared will indeed get his footlong soon enough.


Jared’s time in prison continues to be horribly.

Steven Nigg, a fellow convict who is 60 years old, started a fight with Jared on January 29, pushing him to the ground and “then [unloading] a barrage of punches to his face,” according to TMZ.

Fogle, 38, was left with a swollen face, bloody nose, and lacerations all over the neck while the attacker reportedly only came out with a small cut on his left hand.

The reason of the attack? It seems the older man  has “major issues” with child molesters like Jared.



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