Is the United States Going to War with Iran (2)

Is the United States Going to War with Iran?

This is a question that has been at the forefront for the mainstream news and social media political analysts for the last week. While the political cat and mouse game between the United States and Iran has been going on for decades, there are a few historical highlights that should be taken into consideration while discussing the current situation. Over the last one hundred years, the Imperial State of Iran was last ruled by the Pahlavi dynasty from 1925 until 1979. The Pahlavis took the opportunity to come to power after Ahmad Shah Qajar proved unable to stop British and Soviet encroachment on Iranian sovereignty while also simultaneously enduring a military coup. While in France, the National Senate, known as the Majlis, convened in December of 1925, deposed Ahmad Shah Qajar and declared Reza Khan the new Shah of the Imperial State of Persia.

Is the United States Going to War with Iran (3)

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