Is Ginsburg Alive 3

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive?

Her current condition

Most recently, there has been news doing rounds in the social media claiming that Ginsburg is dead. Rumors have been raising these concerns, yet it is not valid. Just this year Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the Supreme Court to attend a private conference.

This was her first appearance after undergoing cancer surgery. Surgeons who did cancer surgery on Ginsburg successfully removed two large nodules on the left lung of Ginsburg. A report given by the court stated that she was cancer free. Post-Surgery that was conducted after the surgery indicated that there is no cancer, and for that case, further treatment is not needed. Rumors have been spreading over the internet that the Supreme Court justice Ginsburg is no longer alive. Conspiracy groups amplified this false news all across the web and of course, did a lot of harm.


Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive

They developed hashtags such as #whereisRuth and algorithms that could highlight the malicious content. Part of the news was a question on the kind of market drugs that were sustaining her all that long, and they claimed that it is impossible. Their influence was so extensive such that Ginsburghealth were part of the top searches on the internet. Plans to impeach her through an online petition did not reach the expected 5000 people. It was later reported briefly by fox news through a graphic that she was dead, but it apologized immediately and said that it was a mistake.

All these conspiracy theories were a staged target of the Supreme Court. Ginsburg is still alive and is expected to be back at the Supreme Court sometime soon once she recovers entirely from her ailment.

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