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Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive?

The health of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth, who is about 85 years old, started ailing from lung cancer in1999. She went through medical surgery and later underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Throughout this time, she did not miss to attend to her work. The physical health of Ginsburg was so weak as a result of cancer treatment, and she employed a personal trainer to work with her. The personal trainer has been training her all along since 1999 for health fitness at the Supreme Court gym. Since then, her physical health started improving, and she could complete up to 20 pushups before she celebrated her 80th birthday. In 2009, Ginsburg went through another surgery again, but this time around it was pancreatic cancer. This was a shift from her previous ailment, where she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. She had developed a tumor and was diagnosed and later released from the hospital. She went back to the bench at the Supreme Court after some time.

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That same year, Ginsburg was taken back to the hospital in Washington DC where she was diagnosed after suffering from lightheadedness as the doctors realized that she lacked sufficient iron in the body. She was however, released after one day of treatment. TheSupreme Court justice had a right coronary artery problem in 2014 and had started feeling uncomfortable after going through the training at the gym. In 2018, Ginsburg fell at her office in a way that fractured her three ribs. She was rushed to the hospital and later on after one day it was reported that she had been released. The doctors took a CT scan of her ribs and discovered that there were cancerous nodules that had developed in her lungs. She underwent lobectomy of her left lung at the Sloan Kettering cancer center. Ginsburg has been going through a lot, and despite all this, she has been working hard to ensure that she does not miss any bench in the Supreme Court justices

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