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Twosmall puppies closed in net.

International Consensus Must ban the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Many tourists do not even understand that the dogs arrive dehydrated, malnourished, even diseased and dying from injuries or from the poisoned darts that are used during capture. Many other dogs arrive dead with the disease spreading quickly due to the extremely tight quarters they have been imprisoned in during the grueling trip.

When the dogs finally arrive at the “festival,” they are beaten, killed, and eventually eaten by people who the promoters of the event have convinced that eating dog meat on this day will bring good luck to them throughout the year. Not only are the dogs openly killed in crowded marketplaces, directly on the streets, and even more shockingly directly next to elementary schools. It is hard to imagine what imposing these bloody and cruel practices on the youngest and most vulnerable members of the public. Also, the beating and killing of these struggling, crying dogs are in full view of other terrified dogs. Is there any more example needed to prove that this is an industry utterly devoid of humanity.

Hope comes in the form of public awareness. As more people and celebrities become educated on the cruelty and health risks of dog meat, fewer dogs face slaughter. Lisa Vanderpump, who is one of the stars of two Bravo shows, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, has strongly condemned the practice and called for it to end. Tucker Carlson of Fox News fame also condemned the event on one of his shows in the summer of 2017. Since 2015, global awareness and celebrity outcries have increased against this revolting event have and resulted in Chinese citizens encouraging protests at Yulin City Hall and demanding an end to the festival. So spread the word and let everyone you know and your political representatives that the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is inexcusably offensive and must be stopped.

For as little as $5 per month, you can help fight animal cruelty as a Change.org Animal Protection Member. Please don’t let the clock run out for innocent animals.

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