Increase your Metabolism by Controlling your Iron Levels (2)

Increase your Metabolism by Controlling your Iron Levels

According to Fred Pescatore, M.D., the older cells in your body tend to have much more iron in them than younger cells. This is a significant discovery since higher levels of iron are proven to slow your metabolism, reduce your levels of energy and also tell your body to store fat instead of using it for energy. The easiest way to see if your levels of iron may be impacting your overall health is to ask your doctor for a ferritin blood test.

If you find that your iron levels are high, you may be experiencing other health struggles that are related to the same issue. These can include insomnia, difficulty focusing, thinning hair, and frequent headaches that may get more severe as they continue. One of the primary reasons for high levels of iron, at least in America, is that more than ninety percent of the flour sold here is enriched with iron. If you consider how many processed foods are sold that contain this type of flour and the uptick in the use of cast iron skillets for cooking, the overload of iron in our diets is quickly reaching epidemic proportions.

Increase your Metabolism by Controlling your Iron Levels (3)

Anti-aging expert Joseph Mercola, D.O. explains “Excess iron acts as a catalyst and transforms hydrogen peroxide in the body into a compound that decimates your mitochondria.” This is critical to maintaining a healthy weight because mitochondria are the fat burning engines inside your body’s cells. The other issue with higher levels of iron is that it increases your appetite and leads to overeating. So knowing the damage that high levels of iron can cause to your overall health, Dr. Mercola recommends a dual approach to reverse these adverse effects.

Surprisingly, the easiest way to reduce the levels of iron in your blood is to reduce the number of processed foods you eat. Another simple tactic to reduce iron levels is to donate blood every few months. You should also begin a more plant-based diet using natural ingredients and slightly increase your intake of healthy fats you will naturally revitalize the function of your mitochondria which will, in turn, tell your body to start burning some of the stored fat cells. As the fat cells begin to burn off, you should see any of the other symptoms also dissipate. So check with your doctor first, and if your iron levels are high, know that there are simple and efficient ways you can correct the situation and get healthy again in a relatively short period.


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