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Government Likes To Manipulate Statistics To Justify Stealing Your Money

government manipulating the money

Anyone who has taken a class in statistics or who is otherwise familiar with the use of statistics knows how easy it is to manipulate statistics to produce the desired result.  Anytime the government uses statistics to justify some extraordinary expenditure of taxpayer money, or to justify the infringement of …

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Los Cabos Resort Honored with the “Premier Resort” Award from Interval International

Los Cabos Resort Honored with award

Interval International is a global leader in providing resort exchange opportunities and incredible travel benefits for its members.  Hacienda Encantada has proudly been Interval International affiliated since its construction.  Members can access Interval International’s variety of vacation and travel services, allowing them the opportunity to exchange their Hacienda Encantada inventory …

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How to Get the Most Out of Art Walk in Los Cabos

art walk in cabo san lucas

The Art Walk in San José del Cabo, starting October 29, can be more than just fun when following advice from Grand Solmar Resort and Spa. Grand Solmar Resort and Spa provides ways tourists can make the most out of a trip to the San José del Cabo Art Walk. …

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Work of Moroccan Artist to Be Featured in Beverly Hills Exhibit

work art by Hassan Kouhen

After working on new pieces for more than two years, Moroccan-born artist Hassan Kouhen has accepted an invitation to exhibit his paintings in Beverly Hills this December. Though an exact time and date are not yet scheduled, about 20 oil-on-canvas paintings created between 2013 and 2015 are ready to be …

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Dominate Social Media with Online Reputation Management Tools from Reputation Maxx

Dominate Social Media in 2015 with Online Reputation Management Tools from Reputation Maxx

Reputation Maxx shares key online reputation management tools to utilize in 2015 for great results. The importance that content on a social media or online profile holds is stronger than ever. Reputation Maxx, a leading branding and reputation management firm, knows that this is in large part due to the …

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Killer Branding Tips from Online Reputation Management Firm Reputation Maxx

Dominate Social Media with Online Reputation Management Tools from Reputation Maxx

Ways to successfully create and market a brand, highlighted by Phoenix-based reputation management firm Reputation Maxx. Reputation Maxx, a leading reputation management consulting firm, offers business owners peace of mind when it comes to the vulnerability that comes along with the prevalence of online information. It’s true that with today’s …

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Best Kept Secrets to Improve a Brand’s Image by Reputation Maxx

Reputation and customer relationship business cocnept on virtual screen

Reputation Maxx, a leading reputation management firm in Phoenix, Arizona, shares tips on how to use the best online reputation management services in 2015 to help brands achieve their desired image. “When a brand’s image is strong, it is very easy for them to build an active following and a …

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Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. Sham Vengurlekar Shares Information on Coblation Nucleoplasty

For those suffering from chronic pain, Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, a Scottsdale pain management expert at the Premier Pain Institute, discusses Coblation Nucleoplasty as an option for relief. Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, a top Scottsdale pain management expert, knows that if one suffers from chronic pain, especially spinal pain, it can severely …

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Did Olive Garden’s Insane PR Stunt Work? Totes Newsworthy Reports

Totes Newsworthy examines whether Olive Garden's recent PR stunt will actually bring the chain more business.

The Italian restaurant chain Olive Garden has been in the news a lot recently, following an outlandish gimmick that definitely got the media and America talking. With Millennials choosing to dine out at more trendy, healthy and less corporate dining establishments, big food chains are struggling to get diners through …

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#BoycottBurgerKing Trending After Accusations of Whopper Tax Dodge Surface with New Deal: Totes Newsworthy

It has now been confirmed that Burger King is going to be buying the Canadian chain Tim Horton’s to create a fast-food giant with a $22 billion market cap with over 18,000 outlets in 100 companies. In all, the merger is projected to bring in over $23 billion in sales. …

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