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Kids Get Their Intelligence From Their Moms


In recent studies, it has been found that children receive their intelligence from the X chromosome, which comes from women. Since women have two X chromosomes, it is far more likely that their children get their smarts from the woman. Glasgow is pioneering research into the cognitive function of genes, …

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Adams Farm Recalls Meat due to E. Coli contamination

Adams Farm

Adams Farm Slaughterhouse Meat Recall Shocks the United States Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, located in Massachusetts, has issued a mass recall of veal, bison, and beef due to an E. Coli contamination. This slaughterhouse is now struggling to stay in business because of their production of unsafe meat. There are four …

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Economy Hearing Gifts Devices to Third World Country

Economy Hearing

The news is always negative with protests, bombings, and people dying, but occasionally there is a feel good story on the internet that touches everyone’s heart John Bachman, owner of Economy Hearing in Oklahoma City, traveled to Kenya on a mission trip to support the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This foundation …

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Dirt Bikes Cause Havoc in Times Square

Time Square

There was an arrest made when a large group of quad riders, dirt bikers, and motorcyclists decided to perform tricks in the middle of New York City’s Time Square. This location is one of the busiest intersections in the world, and this stunt has made headlines. There are lots of …

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Cabo Safe and Sound Mexican Government Quick to Respond

Hurricane Newton

Early this morning, Hurricane Newton touched down near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and was categorized a Category 1. Coming in with winds from 78 to 116 mph, this storm was previously a tropical depression that had escalated. About 12 hours after being elevated to hurricane status, Newton touched down in …

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Drone Shot Down by Frontierswoman

Drone Shot Down

In an unusual show of marksmanship, 65-year-old Jennifer Youngman shot a drone hovering over her land in Virginia. A Virginia woman says she shot down a drone after she saw the drone flying over her next door neighbor Robert Duvall. Since 1990, Youngman has been a member of the community …

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