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Immortalize Your Memories With Legacy Maxx

As we grow older we begin to realize just how important sharing family traditions, history, and culture are. We begin to hang on every word spoken by our parents or our grandparents, eager to learn more about the lives that they have led and to discover information about our family histories.

When these loved ones pass on, we realize that for every story they shared, there were likely a dozen more that they were never able to pass down, and we lament the loss of our family history as much as we mourn the loss of our loved ones. At Legacy Maxx we know that losing touch with our family history can be a tragedy in its own right, and we believe that as we age, we should take any steps that we can to make sure that our future generations won’t forget us, our memories, or what we stand for. With Legacy Maxx, you can be certain that you will have a solid way to make your story live on.

Legacy Maxx allows any individual to create their legacy as they live it, to build a detailed biography of their life, and to record their stories, memories, and life lessons in a lasting digital format. These virtual biographies of your life can be easily shared with your loved ones now, or can be opened to the public so that you can share your unique experiences with the world. The beauty of a membership with Legacy Maxx is that these documentaries of your life will be protected, not just now, but for the years to come. Your legacy profile will become a digital heirloom that can be passed on long after your time. Generations from now your descendants can get to know you through stories of your life told with your voice and spirit.

With Legacy Maxx, you are in control of the legacy that you leave behind, and you decide how you will be remembered.

Your lifetime of experiences and accomplishments will not be summarized in small memorials or 150 obituaries. Instead, your loved ones will be able to look to a beautifully detailed biography of your life created just for them by you, complete with video recordings, photographs, and detailed accounts of your favorite moments. Future generations will be able to treasure your fondest memories just as you have, and won’t be left to search for the story of your life. With the help of Legacy Maxx, you have the ability to choose exactly how you will be remembered. To learn more about plans available through Legacy Maxx visit



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