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Thank you iMDirect Marketing for supporting Send Me On Vacation's noble cause

iMDirect Marketing Donates to Send Me on Vacation

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and, much like the NFL, we are going pink! iMDirect Marketing is a women-owned and managed organization.  We want to give back where it matters and have been a long time supporter of women health issues. Therefore, we are excited to announce, this month we are going to give 10% of our profit of up to $5000 to Send Me On Vacation. 

Send Me On Vacation provides women with breast cancer who have undergone treatment with a way to heal their mind, body and spirit through vacationing at relaxing and beautiful destinations around the world. It is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that supports those in need a place to emotionally recover from the effects of breast cancer treatment. SMOV has been operating for 4 years and has sent over 100 cancer survivors on vacation.

Our funding comes from the corporate and private donors throughout the world. Our in-kind donations are highly supported by airlines, timeshares, resorts, hotels, cruise lines, car rentals and more.
SMOV affiliated with hospitals throughout the U.S., Mexico & Canada, specifically sending survivors on vacation from North America. Our recipients are chosen from affiliate hospitals, non-profit organizations, on-line and through religious organizations.

SMOV Cause:
Women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer can attest to the fact that the process is both physically and financially draining. The emotional toll that cancer treatment takes is felt by both the patient as well as their families and friends. Send Me On Vacation holds the belief that once the traumatic experience of cancer treatment is over, women need a chance to recharge and relax. Unfortunately, many of these women do not have the financial means to do so, and this is why Send Me On Vacation sends women on well-deserved getaways to CELEBRATE LIFE!

SMOV Vision:
Send Me On Vacation strives to provide a platform for breast cancer survivors who have been devastated financially through the costs of cancer treatment with the opportunity to incorporate the process of emotional healing into their “Whole-listic” recovery plan on their way back to health. Send Me On Vacation believes that a vacation is a core factor in renewing, restoring, and rejuvenating a breast cancer survivor’s body, mind, and spirit.

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