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Idea Design Studio’s Favorite 2016 Innovations: The Solar Roof

Idea Design Studio reveals the Solar Roof as one of its favorite new products from 2016.

At the dawn of 2017, the experts at Idea Design Studio want to encourage inventors. Now is the time to make a resolution to take a new idea or product to the next level. Each year, the world sees many new products and inventions that have the potential to change humanity, and each of these ideas has to start with a spark of imagination and be followed through with hard work. To help inspire inventors in the New Year, Idea Design Studio is reviewing some of its favorite innovations from 2016. It challenges new inventors and those who are in the midst of developing their own ideas to look at these developments from 2016 as inspiration to pursue their own ideas after in the New Year.

One of Idea Design Studio’s favorite new developments from 2016 is a new solar power product making its way to market. Solar panels have been around for years, influencing many individuals and families to live greener, produce less waste, and save their hard earned money with these panels. However, many people dislike the idea of solar panels because they are big, they are bulky, and they can be an eyesore. However, in 2016, Tesla and Solarcity came together and have recently announced that they have a new solution to aesthetic problem of solar panels.

The new product from Tesla and Solarcity is called the Solar Roof. These are solar tiles that instead of being installed on top of a home’s roof, are integrated into the roof itself. These slim new panels provide the same benefits of having solar panels without the bulk of the traditional models. These tiles are going to be much more appealing to many Americans who still want to go solar. The tiles come in a variety of styles, providing a unique design that makes them look just like normal roof tiles, but containing so much more. Idea Design Studio knows the Solar Roof is a huge new development in the industry, and the innovation experts are excited to see the impact that this new product will have when it goes on the market in 2017.

Ideas like the Solar Roof are proof of how far technology has come and how far it still has to go. These products also show how important innovation still is. When inventors need assistance getting their big ideas into the right hands, they can expect the tools that they need when they call upon the expert help from Idea Design Studio. To learn more about Idea Design Studio’s tools and services please visit https://ideadesignstudio.com/.

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