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Idea Design Studio Features the Upcoming Zuta Pocket Printer

Idea Design Studio Features the Upcoming Zuta Pocket Printer

The Zuta Pocket Printer is making a splash and Idea Design Studio is excited to share details on the new product.

Idea Design Studio is always eager to highlight the coolest and most innovative new tools coming to market as these new technologies can make life easier in a number of ways. With all of the modern technologies that are used in day to day life, the market sees almost a constant bevy of new apps, devices, and techno gadgets being developed. In this steady stream of technologies, it can be difficult for new products to make a splash, but occasionally there are new items that can be considered truly noteworthy. Today, Idea Design Studio wants to explore one of its favorite new devises.

With smart phone technology, it has become common for most people to be able to do dozens of every day functions with just the little computer in their pocket.

These devices can make it easier for individuals to do their day to day functions without needing the large machines and bulky technologies that they once did, but there are still a few old fashion devices that need an innovative upgrade. Among these, printers are still some of the bulkiest machines used in the smart phone world, but individuals need them to print pictures, important documents, and emails. However, Idea Design Studio believes that with one promising new product, old fashion printers may also be a thing of the past.

A company called Zuta Labs is has been creating a small, portable printer, ideal for use with mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, and potentially capable of replacing traditional printers.

The product, called the Zuta Pocket Printer, weighs only 350 grams, and is only 10.2 cm in diameter, making it easy to carry so that users can print anywhere. The printer is able to connect to any device simply through Wi-Fi, with special apps available for smartphones. Once the Zuba Pocket Printer is ready to print, it can use its small wheels to run over a paper’s surface, revealing the desired print job, and stopping once it gets to the end of the page. The printer works on all paper sizes, and can print a page in about a minute, with the ability to print about 100 pages per ink cartridge. The Zuta Pocket Printer has yet to be released, however, individuals who are interested can visit http://www.zutalabs.com to learn more about the device or to pre-order.

With innovative new products coming to the market each day, Idea Design Studio knows that even the smallest idea can turn into something big.

This is why it encourages new inventors to pursue their ideas and turn them into something worthwhile. When inventors need assistance getting their big idea into its development stage, they can depend on the tools and services available through Idea Design Studio, including marketing services, model design, and website help. To learn more visit https://ideadesignstudio.com/.

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