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Idea Design Studio Offers SEO Tips for Inventors

Idea Design Studio Offers SEO Tips for Inventors

Idea Design Studio understands that marketing an idea comes with a long list of things to consider. After designing and developing a website, driving traffic there is the next big step. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is key.

The high-performance SEO strategies include techniques and tactics that increase the number of visitors to a website by performing well in the results on a search engine page.

SEO can help increase traffic to your site by increasing your visibility on search engines, like Google and Bing. Idea Design Studio knows that SEO strategy requires advance planning, quality content, and the voice of authority within the market.

SEO strategies are changing the business world. Here are some reasons Idea Design Studio suggests their use in all business models, especially marketing a new idea or invention.

  1. SEO strategies are working. There are several case studies that support utilizing SEO. Focusing on user experiences should be the primary concern with websites, SEO strategies should be incorporated into them, not the primary.
  2. SEO is not going anywhere. Even audio and visual searches depend on keywords. The link of keywords to these searches pretty much guarantees that SEO is going to be a constant in marketing and advertisements.
  3. It is very cost-effective. Instead of pay-per-click marketing, SEO gives a great return on investment. Organic SEO is at the foundation of online presence.
  4. Search Engines are popular. Most people, almost 90%, will check online for reviews before purchasing something. Without SEO, people won’t be able to find your products.
  5. More people are searching from their phones, and soon search engines will be accessed from mobile devices more than traditional desktops. Search optimization will be crucial to make products successful.
  6. Everyone else is doing it. While not a good reason for most of the things in life, in this case, those who don’t use SEO strategies will miss out.

Idea Design Studio now offers a variety of SEO packages, which are good for one calendar year. Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages are available, each designed to optimize the invention or idea and fit within the inventor’s budget. They all include a press release in both English and Spanish, and all updates to the website. Additional SEO services are available a la carte.

Contact Idea Design Studio and discuss which SEO package fits the needs for your latest idea or invention today. Visit http://www.ideadesignstudio.com 


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