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Idea Design Studio Looks at Inventors for Inspiration

“We Make Dreams Come True.  If you dream it, we can make it!” This has been the tagline and inspiration for Idea Design Studio, who has become one of the industry leaders in invention and marketing since starting in 2006. However, what about when you are trying to come up with an invention, and it is just not there? You need inspiration, and that is where this article comes in! Some of the names on this list might be obvious, but it can be the most obvious choice that ends up being the right inspiration for you.

  • Leonardo da Vinci

We start where modern invention began, as Idea Design Studio travels back to the Italian Renaissance and looks at Leonardo da Vinci. One of the greatest individuals to ever live, da Vinci’s inventions often went unnoticed in his time, as modern science was in its infancy during the Renaissance. That being said, Leonardo was the brains and dreamer behind the conception of flying machines, an armored fighting vehicle, solar power, even an adding machine. He made discoveries in optics, geology, and civil engineering as well. Da Vinci has done more than enough to make this list.

  • Thomas Edison

Idea Design Studio next takes inspiration from the man who held over a thousand patents, “The Wizard of Menlo Park,” Thomas Edison. The inventor of the lightbulb, creator of the motion picture camera, and the man who lit up New York City, Edison was a true rock star during his time and remains one of the most revered figures in American history. He did have major flaws, though, as most of his inventions were the result of someone working for him or with the help of a design team. He also had a famous feud over the best way to create electrical systems with Nikola Tesla. All of this being said, Edison invented and created so many different items still in use today, that it would feel like blasphemy to leave him off this list.

  • Elon Musk

Idea Design Studio finally takes a look at Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and one of the most interesting men in the world, at the moment. It was hard to pick between Musk and Steve Jobs for this spot, as both are two of the greatest inventors who have ever lived, but Elon got the nod for the drive to go outside of the boundaries of Earth. The brains behind SolarCity and SpaceX, Musk has been one of the leaders in the innovation of electric cars and is now focused on sending humans to Mars and beyond. It is amazing to see what he has accomplished thus far, and where he will go, and this is why he is the final inclusion on our list.

We could have included a multitude of other inventors and creators, but these are just three that we feel can be the most inspiring for inventors to look at. If you would like to get in touch with your invention or patent idea, call Idea Design Studio’s 24-hour invention hotline at 888.864.1780, or you can visit http://www.ideadesignstudio.com


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