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Iberostar The Club Continues To Grow

For 80 years, Iberostar has been a leader in the leisure, travel and real estate sector. From beginnings as a family-run travel agency, Iberostar is now a major multinational company specializing in the travel and hospitality industry. It is best characterized for its tireless quest for stellar service which explains the enormous popularity with an unprecedented 42% return guest rate.

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts boasts impressive gastronomy, innovative spas & pools and 137 golf courses in the most desirable locations from Crete to Cancun, Majorca, Tenerife to Punta Cana.

Iberostar The Club Continues To Grow 1

Since its humble beginnings in 2014, Iberostar The Club has grown into a world-class club and its success is equally attracting world-class travelers.

The unique aspects of Iberostar The Club have resulted in growth to over 11,000+ members in 5 years. Iberostar has built a membership that provides simplicity to its loyal members with a multitude of worldwide destinations with 120+ hotels in 35 countries for a distinct product.

Iberostar The Club’s program has enticed new members and retained long-time members as well with preferential rates, privileges and VIP services.

Members can choose from a variety of experiences, including Club Destinations, the Urban Hotels & Grand Collection in hotspots like Miami, Majorca, NY, Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, Morocco, Crete, and Montego Bay.

Iberostar The Club Continues To Grow 2

The vacation choices are endless making this membership very attractive for members and beneficiaries alike.

Here’s what makes this membership especially attractive:
• There isn’t a points system or one-week stays. Members simply book hotel nights directly and then access additional getaways with members-only offers
• Best Price Guarantee
• There are no restrictions like running out of allotments, time purchased or encountering black-out dates
• There are no maintenance fees
• No reservation fees
• Simply put no hidden fees

Iberostar The Club Continues To Grow 3

Iberostar’s continued evolution has placed it in some of the most enticing destinations worldwide and its recently embarked on an ambitious approach to reduce the use of plastics, promote responsible consumption of seafood and improve coastal health through the newly found Wave of Change. These admirable efforts that impact our global make members proud they are contributing to this enormously important social cause that affects every corner of the earth.

There is no end to the innovation and growth of Iberostar Hotels and Resorts paired with Iberostar The Club travel experiences that are sure to please its guests and loyal members. We are excited to see what else this unique hotel group has in store for us as its popularity only seems to be taking off.

Rene Peters
Herm Peters is a travel blogger and Food Blogger.


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