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How to Prevent Getting E Coli

Buy your meat last

When shopping for your grocery, buy all your meat, fish or poultry last. Walking with these meats in a cart around the store allows them to thaw, allowing the bacteria to grow before leaving the store.

Thaw your meat carefully

Don’t thaw your meat quickly at room temperature, especially if the conditions are warm. Allow the meat to thaw gradually on the warmer shelves of the refrigerator, and if you want to cook immediately, thaw your meat in a microwave.

Store food properly

Ensure your refrigerator is cold enough when you store your food. It should be 41 degrees or lower as E. coli bacteria starts thriving at 45 degrees. If you are planning to eat your meat the next morning, be sure to store it in the coldest shelves of your freezer.

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Keep your counters clean

When preparing your meat or any other ingredients, remember to wipe your kitchen counters thoroughly with a disinfectant and allow them to air dry before placing the raw meat on it.

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