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How to Manage your Online Reputation

Everyone is always watching

Never assume that what you don’t share publicly online won’t be seen. While there are a plethora of ways to privatize your online activity, even hiding your posts from certain people, it doesn’t guarantee safety. The best way to go about is if you wouldn’t say it in front of your mother, it’s not a good idea to say it on social media. You are not in a private space online; you are in an open forum where what you say and do can be seen and heard by others.

Employers are watching

Being friends with coworkers online is common. This means understanding your relationship with them and it’s boundaries. If you say share a funny video that is all fun and good but posting about going out and getting plastered the day before work might not bode well as that information will most likely spread into your workplace. There are plenty of horror stories where bosses or co-workers saw something posted on social media that got someone fired. Or you were checked up on the day you called in sick, and you had a post of you at the beach. These are different times we live in, and if you open your social media to your coworkers be extra diligent about your behavior.

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It is a good idea just to avoid connecting with people from the workplace online. Unless they are friends and an ethical boundary is set, you cannot treat a coworker like you do your bestie. It’s just not the same, and the best way to manage your online activity is to keep your work and personal life separate. That goes for social media as well.

Watch what photos you post

Be aware that people will see and will judge, even if they shouldn’t the way you present yourself in photos. It is best practice to avoid being too rambunctious in your postings. Have photos from a fun night of bar hopping with buds? Maybe thing twice about sharing it if there’s a beer in the pic. Nosedive into a folding table on video? Viral maybe. Reputation altering? Absolutely.

Hopefully, these tips and insights give you an idea of how you can maintain an excellent personal online reputation. An excellent personal online reputation goes far, as well. Being well regarded on social media can help you meet new friends, get invited to events, or even a job! You never know who on your Facebook page knows a guy who knows a guy who is looking for someone to fill a high position. Especially in arts and entertainment, social media is a massive platform for finding work, so keeping up a reputation can pay off big in the long run! Remember the importance of networking.

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