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How to Keep Workout Routines Unique With Challenging Exercise Dice

Physical fitness experts agree that the more fun, easy, and exciting your workout routine is, you will likely stick with it. Challenging exercise dice deliver on all three of those things and so much more.

The beginning of the new year often brings resolutions to focus on maintaining or increasing healthy lifestyle habits. One of the latest trends for keeping workout routines fun is constantly changing them up by incorporating a set of challenging exercise dice.

Keep Workout Routines Fun With Challenging Exercise Dice

Challenging exercise dice like these offered by Ecotom are gaining popularity for many reasons. The world has experienced many changes over the past two since the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide.

Many of the fitness centers and gyms that people had relied on for years were closed due to new health and safety regulations. This lack of access forced many people to create their own workout routines that could be done in the safety of their homes.

But unfortunately, without fitness classes, instructors, or personal trainers to rely on for diversification, many people’s routines became stagnant, boring, and repetitive, so they just stopped altogether.

Challenging exercise dice are the best way to bring fun and uniqueness into regular workout routines. And best of all, because they are both lightweight and durable, they are easily transportable, so the fun and excitement can be added to almost any type of workout routine.

It does not matter if you are working out in the gym, at home, in the park, or on a sports field. Challenging exercise dice will help you keep pushing through your workout because nothing ever becomes routine.

This highest rated set of challenging exercise dice includes a three twelve-sided dice set, a carry case, and an illustrated book that clearly defines and gives examples of each exercise.

The light green die consists of twelve different exercises that are considered to be at the beginner to intermediate range. They include the well-known standard physical movements such as jumping jacks, lunges, front kicks, squats, etc.

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These challenging exercise dice also include a dark green die that displays more intense movements, which is considered the professional level. This dark green die includes more demanding exercises like mountain climbers, crab walks, planks, and crunches.

The final die in the set is grey and determines how many reps or how long to do the exercise. The number of reps on the die ranges from 10 to 30, while seconds have varying increments from 30 to 90.

Using these fun and challenging exercise dice will keep you and your friends entertained as your workout routine changes literally with the roll of the dice. The first roll picks the exercise to perform and for how long to start with, and then keep rolling until your time is up.

Keep Workout Routines Unique, Safe and Fun

These challenging exercise dice make an excellent gift for people of all ages. Using high quality booty bands with these challenging exercise dice is recommended for anyone looking to level up their workout by targeting specific muscle groups.

Using high quality kneeling pads is also recommended to lessen any impact or strain on your joints while exercising. Kneeling pads should be used to help prevent injuries, especially to knees, elbows, wrists, and other joints.

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So whether you are looking to diversify your workout routine without needing heavy, bulky equipment or you want a health-conscious gift for someone you care about, these challenging exercise dice, high quality booty bands, and kneeling pad are an excellent choice.

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